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        Unit 1 How can we become good learners?


1.       . ask sb. for help 请求某人的帮助

2.        read the textbook 读课文

3.        improve one’ s speaking skills 提髙某人说的能力

4.        spoken English 英语口语

5.        get the main ideas 抓住主题

6.       make word cards 制作单词卡片

7.        listen to tapes 听磁带

8.       read word by word 逐字逐句地读

9.       be patient 耐心点儿

10. the secret to language learning 语言学习的诀转

11. be afraid to do sth.不敢'做某事

12. fall in love with.. . 爱上

13. body language 肢体语言

14. look them up in a dictionary 在词典里查阅它们

15. take notes 记笔记

16. memorize sentence patterns 记句型

17. make mistakes in grammar 犯语法错误

18. learning habits 学习习惯

19. have sth. in common 有.......共同,点

20. pay attention to 注意

21. connect. ? ? with. ? ? .把.......与.......联系起来

22. get bored 变得无聊

23. write down key words 摘抄重点词

24. after class 课后

25. be interested in… 对.......感兴趣

26. in class 在课堂上

27. do sth. on one’s own 独立做某事

28. do sth. bit by bit 慢慢地做某事

29. do sth. over and over again 一遍又一遍地做某事

30. worry about. , 为.......而担忧

31. depend on 依赖;取决于

32.Practce makes perfect. 熟能生巧。

33. the ability to learn    学习能力 

二、 重点句型

1. What about listening to tapes?


2. How do you study for a test?


3. I study by making word cards.


4. Have you ever studied with a group?


5. It’s too hard to understand spoken English.


6. The more you read, the faster you’ ll be.


7. Why did Wei Fen find it difficult to learn English?


8.1 don’ t know how to increase my reading speed.


9. Even if you learn something well, you will forget

it unless you use it.



三、 交际用语ffkr

1. Well, be patient. It takes time.耐心点儿!这需要时间的。

2. That doesn’ t sound too bad.那听起来不是很糟糕。

3. —Have you ever studied with a group?你曾经参加过学习小组吗?

—Yes, I have. I’ve learned a lot that way.


4. How do you study for a test?你怎样为考试而学习的?

—I study by working with a group.我通过小组合作的方式来学习。

5. It’s a piece of cake.小菜一碟/太容易了!

6.1 need your help.我需要你的帮助。


Unit 2 I think that mooncakes are delicious!


1. the Lantern Festival 元宵节

2. the Dragon Boat Festival 端午节

3. the Water Festival 泼水节

4. be fun to watch 看着很有意思

5. eat five meals a day 一天吃五餐

6. put on five pounds 体重增加了五磅

7. in two weeks 两星期之后

8. be similar to... 与.......相似

9. throw water at each other 互相泼水

10. a time for doing sth. 做某事的时候

11. have good luck in the new year

12. in the shape of... 呈……的形状

13. folk stories民间传说故事

14. the story of Chang,e嫦娥的故事

15. refuse to do sth. 拒绝做某事

16. lay out摆开;布置

17. end up最终成为;最后处于

18. share sth. with sb. 与……分享……

19. as a result结果

20. one,. . the other... (两者中的)一个……另一个……

21. take sb. out for dinner 带某人出去吃饭

22. dress up 乔装打扮

23. haunted house 鬼屋

24. trick or treat (万圣节用语)不给糖果就捣蛋

25. light candles在新的一年里有好运气

26. take sb. around…带某人到处走走

27. play a trick on sb.捉弄某人

28. give out 分发

29. the importance of.    的重要性

30. care about…..    关心

31. warn sb. to do sth.警告某人做某事

32. remind   o f      使。。。回想起

33. promise to do sth.承诺做某事

34. treat sb. with. 用/以……对待某人

35. the beginning of new life 新生命的开始

36. the spirit of.. .   的精神 …

37.on October the 31st 在10月31日

38.how touching   多么动人


1. I think that they’ re fun to watch.我认为它们看着很有意思。

2. What do you like about.. . ?

What do you like best about the Dragon Boat Festival?关于端午节,你最喜欢什么?

3. What a great day!多么美好的一天!

4 .1 wonder if...I wonder if it’ s similar to the Water Festival of theDai people in Yunnan Province.


5. How+adj. /adv. + 主 + 谓!How fantastic the dragon boat teams were!龙舟队多棒啊!

6. What do/does+sb. + think of sth. ?What does Wu Yu think of this festival?吴宇觉得这个节日怎么样?

8. It’s my favorite festival because...它是我最喜欢的节日,因为……

三、 交际用语

1. —What did you like best?你最喜欢什么?—I loved the races! But I guess it was a little too crowded.


2. What did you do on your vacation?你在假期里都干了些什么?

3. I guess the food was d elicious, right?我猜那食物很好吃,对吗?

4. Yes,I think so.是的,我觉得是这样的。

5. Cool! But why do they do that?太酷了!但是他们为什么要那么做?

6. 一What do you like most about this festival?关于这个节日,你最喜欢的是什么?

—I think it’ s fun to dress up as cartoon characters!我觉得打扮成卡通人物很有趣!

7. What fun the Water Festival is!泼水节多么有意思啊!

8. Why do you like it so much?你为什么那么喜欢它?


Unit 3 Could you please tell me where the restrooms are?


1. turn left 向左转

2. get a pair of shoes 买一双鞋子

3. on one’ s right 在某人的右边

4. go along Main Street 沿着主大街走

5. have dinner 吃饭

6. go to the third floor 去三楼

7. go past the bookstore 走过书店

8. a room for resting 休息室

9. be special about.. . 有……独特之处

10. pardon me 请再说一次

11. come on 过来;加油

12. hold one’ s hand 抓住某人的手

13. one one’ s way to... 在去.......的路上

14. pass by 路过

15. a rock band 摇滚乐队

16. something to eat 一些吃的东西

17. mail a letter 寄信

18. in the shopping center 在购物中心

19. in some situations 在某些场合

20. such as 例如

21. lead in to a request 引人一个请求

22. use proper language 使用合适的语言

23. park one's car 停车

24. an underground parking lot地下停车库

25. change money 换钱

26. the way to... 去.......的路

27. travel to….

28. thank sb. for doing sth. 为……感谢某人

29. look forward to….期盼……

30 meet sb. for the first time 第一次见到某人

31in a rush to do sth. 仓促地做某事

32. be convenient to do sth. 做某事很方便

二、 重点句型

1. not…until…  You never know until you try something.


2. It seems (that)…It seems a rock band plays there every evening.


3___ do you know...

Excuse me, do you know where I can buy some


4. Could you please tell me... ?

Could you please tell me how to get to the post office?


5 .1 wonder... I wonder where we should go next.


6. sb. suggest+ 从句The clerk suggests they go to the... museum.


三、 交际用语

1. —Do you know when the bookstore closes today?


—It closes at 7: 00 p. m. today.今天下午7点关门。

2. —Excuse me,could you please tell me how to get to the bookstore?


3.一Sure, just go along Main Street until you passCenter Street. The bookstore is on your right, beside

the bank.当然了,沿着主大街走一直到经过中心街为止,书店就在你的右边,在银行的旁边。

4. — I wonder where we should go next.我想知道我们接着该去哪里。

—How about that new ride over there?去那边坐新的过山车怎么样?

—Oh.. . it looks pretty scary.哦……看起来很恐怖。

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